Société Coopérative des Lamaneurs
Du Port de Dunkerque
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Welcome to the Dunkerque harbor boat age
Defines the term Boatage mooring operations, undocking at any position upon arrival, departure or maneuvering in ports any ship. The Lamaneur is specialized marine who performs these tasks.

The job of Lamaneur is little known, the word "docking" is still moins.Mais it is a very beautiful job done by skilled sailors, whose main quality is the love they have for their business, and the honor they have to perform in all weather, sometimes risking their lives.

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The craft docking at Dunkirk as independent dates from the early 19th century at the time of sailing ships. Operations input and output of the ships were very delicate. The narrowness of the channel and port congestion freedom left no vessels of any size. Therefore most preferred slouch their sails in the channel current on their headway to be supported by the boatmen who, using winches capstans placed on the docks, and strength train their canoe allowed the ship to dock. They were then responsible for mooring, under the control of the pilot and captain. In the case of equipment, they performed maneuvers and helped reverse the Shifting of the ...
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Meteo Dunkerque


  • Mooring, Shifting and drop ship business
  • Additional crew aboard barges or vessels
  • Pollution control
  • Small towing
  • water space and reservoirs security
  • Some nautic works
  • ship chandlers
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Société Coopérative
des Lamaneurs
du Port de Dunkerque
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